Industrial Remote Monitoring Simplified.

Monitor your remote machines in real time - increase productivity, reduce downtime and save on costs.

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Rich Information

Make informed decisions with historical & real time data.

We combine immediate real time events with rich historical data to answer the toughest questions about machine availability, performance and maintenance.

Data frequency

We process real-time data so you can react to new information in seconds rather than days.

Reliability & uptime

We process inbound information in highly reliable cloud applications that ensure 99.99% uptime. .

1 Analytics “Which machines have raised alerts?”
3  {
4    "112232322": {
5      "location": "Metro Office",
6      "cause": "Flooding",
7      "time": "2017-08-01 13:43:23",
8    }
9    "112343233": {
10      "fullName": "Brighton Subway",
11     "cause": "Auto Mode",
12      "time": "2017-07-25 09:33:15",
13    }
14    "89823343": {
15      "fullName": "Cine Plaza",
16      "cause": "@fat",
17      "time": "2017-07-23 19:47:01",
18    }
Easy integration

Our devices are easy to fit and software easy to use and integrate.

icantrack devices are easy to connect to machines. We work hard with out clients to ensure we find right devices to fit their needs.



Simple and Effective

“icantrack Machine Analytics is amazing. Decisions that were based on guess-work have now been replaced with real-time data which is available to everyone in my team.”

Inside icantrack

It’s not hard to see how we can make your business more profitable.

24/7 support. We’re always here for you no matter what time of day.

Machine analytics. We store machine data in real time, analyse and then forward the compiled reports to you.

Turnaround. Our data analysis is distributed, and processed in seconds so can be accessed online.

Rich calculations. Limitless ways to splice and dice your data and with ELK stack, report creation is a breeze.

Mobile apps. iOS and Android web apps available for monitoring.

Secure connections. Every single request is routed through HTTPS and we also provide MFA for corporate clients.